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Local Business Manager
Legal Structures, Licenses & Permits

Business owners have the choice among five basic legal structures:

  • The Sole Proprietorship

  • The Partnership

  • The C-Corporation

  • The S-Corporation

  • The Limited Liability Company (LLC)

An attorney or accountant can advise on the appropriate legal structure for your business. The Norfolk Area Business Resource Network cannot provide legal assistance. 

Nebraska Business Licenses & Permits

Have you registered your business with the State of Nebraska?

Nebraska One-Stop Business - Registration Information System 

Food establishment? 

Learn about State of Nebraska requirements for food establishment operations here

Operating a business out of your home within the City of Norfolk? 

Apply for a home occupation permit here


Are you a street vendor or temporary merchant? 

We love our food trucks and sale stands in Norfolk! Did you know you must apply for a vendor permit? Find out more information here

Need help with your development plans? 

Did you know the City of Norfolk holds pre-planning meetings with business owners and developers to answer questions pertaining to development within the City limits or the two-mile zoning jurisdiction? Contact the City Planning and Development Department at 402-844-2280 to learn more.  

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